Public Works Department

Director - Josh Ferkel

If you have any issues or questions relating to public works please contact Josh at 563-370-1092                     

7:00am-3:30pm Monday - Friday

City of Buffalo- Building Inspections

If you are perfoming work on your propoerty please check to see if you need to obtain a building permit 563-370-1092.  If you need a building permit please complete the form and send it to City Hall. 

Stormwater Management

Street to Stream, No Treatment in Between. 

When it rained a long time ago the water was soaked up into the prairie,  or organic rich soils. Through time we have built our communities to include homes, and streets. These built surfaces are unable to infiltrate rainfall and instead has caused runoff to local streams. This is called Stormwater runoff, this water from rainfall or snow melt drains onto  impervious surfaces like streets, driveways, and compacted soils. This runoff eventually makes its way to the street or a drain that leads to a  stream then our neighboring Mississippi River. The issue that makes this difficult for the environment is the trash, chemicals and even significant amounts of water causing flash flooding along the way. The easiest way to help the environment is to slow the flow of runoff. Slower moving water  gives time for the water to infiltrate into the ground naturally treating the water. Additionally slower moving water doesn’t allow trash and grasses to flood into streams and rivers. Adding a rain garden or detention basin to you home will help reduce runoff, to learn more about how you can help the environment see more information from ISWEP (Iowa Stormwater  Education Partnership)  
Information Links

Stormwater Hotline 563-381-2226, to report stormwater issues.
 April 17, 2023


Water Loss & Detection

Water leaks can be the number one cause for high water bills.  If you notice dripping water in your sinks, showers, or toilets fix them imediately. Use these 7 tips to locate issues.

1. Check your water meter
2. Look at your usage
3. Monitor your bill
4. Grab some food coloring
5. Check exterior usage
6. Use common sense
7. Contact a professional