River Levels

 This is a simplified guide to some of the most useful tools on the new AHPS website. Please refer to the full instruction manual here for additional details.

1)   Log in here: https://water.noaa.gov/  

Should look like the picture to the right when you open the website.

Colored circles = current stage colored to standard flood categories 
Colored squares = current 7 day forecast flood level colored to standard flood categories 
Green blobs = flood watches & warnings *circle inside a square shows current and forecasted stages  

Flood Information

                              **Updated 6/27/2024**

City officials are watching the river levels closely and monitoring those affected. The current forecast indicates by July 4, the Mississippi will be at 17.5’. This moderate level of flooding affects those residents along the 1400-1500 block of Front Street (south side) and Buffalo Shores recreation area. Buffalo Shores campground will be closing June 28, until further notice due to flooding threats. City staff is working with residents affected by flooding at these stages. For the residents, affected by backup flooding by the creek and storm drains, water begins to seep into the streets at 19.42’. Buffalo has plenty of supplies on hand and is just monitoring for action stage. Follow up information will be updated frequently.



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Observed Precipitation:  Northeastern Missouri, central Iowa, and central Illinois saw the highest precipitation amounts yesterday, with Missouri seeing upwards of 2.5 inches of rain, and portions of Iowa and Illinois seeing 1.5-2 inches. Central and eastern Iowa and western Illinois saw up to 1 inch of rain. There were reports of flash flooding in and around Clinton County Iowa, with some isolated locations reporting up to 5 inches of rainfall in a very short time span (observed precipitation map is attached).    

Forecast Precipitation: Dry conditions move in on Day 1, with trace amounts of precipitation possible in the southern portions of the District. Rain is possible again in central Iowa on Day 2, with the potential of up to 1.5 inches over the central and southern Des Moines River basin. Heavy rain is again possible on Day 3, with the potential for up to 2.5 inches in southeastern Iowa, northeastern Missouri, and western Illinois, and up to 1.5 inches across the remainder of the District. Light rain is possible on Days 4 and 5. Heavier rain returns to the forecast on Days 6 and 7, with the biggest treat centering over northern and central Iowa, northern Illinois, western Wisconsin, and all of Minnesota, with potentials of up to 1.5 inches.

* Day 1 – 24-hour total (rainfall included in today’s water level forecasts)

Flood Historical Pictures 2014
Historical Photos 2014 flood at 19.6'