City Hall

Street Scape Project

Buffalo Community Development is working on a streetscape project. Sidewalks and lighting along Hwy 22. Click the link below for more details.

Gym Rental

        Rental Fees are $20.00 per hour (the time you rent for includes set-up and tear down/clean-up time) in addition to a $100.00 refundable security deposit. (Pay these separately) Deposit will not be returned if there is damage and if the rules are not followed. Deposit will be returned once the gym and cameras are reviewed.
  ·         There is 24-hour Video Surveillance inside and outside of the gym, which can be reviewed during and after your event
. ·         Items not allowed: Alcohol, hard balls (or anything else that would cause damage to the walls/ceiling/doors), and helium balloons. This also includes no alcohol in the parking lot.
·         If you do not come in to pick up your rental key and someone is needed to come unlock the gym for you, there will be an additional $50.00 charge added to your rental cost. ·         If your key is not returned within 2 business days after your rental date, your $100.00 deposit will not be returned. City Hall is open from 8:00am-4:30pm (closed all major holidays)
·         If the gym has not been cleaned, trash taken out, tables/chairs put away, and/or any damage noticed when you start your event, please call city hall to report and take pictures, so that you are not liable for those issues.
·         Clean up (all must be completed in order as part of having your deposit returned): 1. If you use the heat, please turn it off. Turn off lights! 2. Dry/Dust Mop when your event is complete. 3. Spot/Wet Mop any spills or messes. 4. Put back any tables and chairs that you setup. 5. All Trash is to be emptied including those located in the bathrooms. *Dump out the bathroom trash cans; do not take the bags out. *Dumpster is located northeast side of the building. 6. Leave the bathroom doors open. 7. Lock the gym door and the outside door.
 Check availability on the calendar below and contact City Hall for scheduling 563-381-2226