Floodplain Information
Flooding in Buffalo  City officials are watching the river predictions. Check our website or Face book pages for updates.
An update provided by the National Weather Service indicates the river peaks are lowering in our favor. We are seeing under a 10% chance that we will see record flooding of 24.1 feet, just under a 60% chance of major levels of 18 feet, and 100 % chance of moderate flooding. On the probability outlook update we are looking at a 50% chance to see 19.5 feet.  These numbers strongly rely on the amount of rainfall the basin receives. Timing for peak river levels are predicted between March 18-25. This information is based off of the Illinois City forecasts and more information is available at National Weather Service website. On that note, we understand that residents may be affected at these levels and will be in need of supplies.  At this point we have supplies on hand and are available for residents to pick up based on their own needs.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have concerns or needs.  City Officials will continue to watch the river levels and inform residents.